Align have thought of everything including a mini
tool kit, a blade tidy, a couple of boxes for your
‘bits’, and even some threadlock.
The Align T-Rex 450X
First Impressions

The first thing you notice about this model is how small the box is,
however there is a hell of lot inside..........
The contents of the box
This is a very comprehensive kit. In addition to the items listed above you also get three sets of blades, and a selection of pinions, very useful indeed.

All of the packets are numbered and the instructions use this numbering system to refer to during the building process. Each stage is clearly shown, and building the model is a logical procedure of following each step.
Blade Holders
The T-Rex even comes with a choice of coloured stickers. I used the blue set, I also used blue electrical tape for the windscreen as I didn’t  fancy cutting out the canopy and gluing the supplied one in. It may sound a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ but it still looks ok, and will also  maintain the original strength of the canopy.

Electrical Equipment Used
Motor: Mega 16/15/3
ESC:   Castle Creations Phoenix 35
RX:   HiTec Electron 6
Servos:  3 X HiTec HS55 + 1 X HiTec HS50
Gyro:   Futaba GY401
Flybar Assembly
Main Rotor Head
Side Frame
The tail section
Tail fin and rotors
Swash plate and
control arms
Washout arms
The HiTec Electron 6
Castle Creations
Phoenix 35 ESC
A good combination
for this model
The Mega 16/15/3
an awesome motor
for the little T-Rex
The finished model
It doesn’t take long...
for the heli...
to start...
taking shape!
The T-Rex is a super little heli, it’s easy to build, fun to fly, and the spares are very cheap!

Building the model is easy and you can put one together in only one evening. The kit contains everything you need, including a ‘mini tool kit’ two containers to hold your screws and other bits, you even get a small bottle of thread-lock. In addition to these items you also get three sets of main blades, a selection of pinions and a choice of coloured stickers. Just add your radio gear and away you go!

Setting up can take a little time as with any model, but once done, the T-Rex fly's extremely well, and can take you through from novice, to Full 3D! I found with my heli, that I had to reduce the servo ATVs down to around 50%, I also had set my exponentials to about 30% to calm the model down a bit as the controls were extremely sensitive at first.

For more info on setting-up and flying your T-Rex visit you will find all the latest upgrades, setting-up tips, and some exciting video clips to give you a taste of just how this fantastic little heli can perform.